What are the best websites to buy K-Pop Albums?


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Things you should consider before buying K-pop albums online:
– Shipment Destinations
– Shipping & handling charges
– Shipment method & Estimated time
– Payment method & currency conversion
– Charts


KTOWN4YOU(Previously known as DVDHEAVEN)

Here is what KTown4u says in their FAQs.

  • Shipment Destinations
  • Shipment method & Estimated time
  • Shipment method & Estimated time
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  • Payment method & currency conversion
    Paypal & Tenpay  are accepted payment method with applicable currency conversions.
  • Charts:
    Ktown4u purchases are counted for Hanteo Charts


  • Charts:
    Purchases from Amazon & Ebay Seller/Stores may not be counted towards charts.

Personally, I have been purchasing from Yesasia for 3 years now. I haven’t been to happy with it. The delivery is delayed upto 2 months at times. The wait is tiring..
I would love to purchase more from Amazon, but there I feel there is no point in doing so if my purchase isn’t added to the Charts. Recently I have been buying albums & merchandise from Ktown4u, which is quite reasonable in terms of pricing as well as delivery.. Hoping they keep it up. 


Drama Review- Healer (힐러)


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Ji Chang-wook as Seo Jung-hoo/Park Bong-soo/Healer
Park Min-young as Chae Young-shin/Oh Ji-an
Yoo Ji-tae as Kim Moon Ho

Episodes: 20

Channel: KBS

Healer has been one of the most hyped dramas in the last year. Does it live up to the expectation?
Simple Answer..YES!
It is a drama worth every minute of your time.


Nothing close to the usual k-drama, I love how there is no love triangle. There was just the right amount drama, comedy, action, romance, thrilling content-all in one.


The first few episodes put your head is a mess.. but the story unfolds the truths beautifully. For some one who hates repeats and flashbacks I liked how it was incorporated into the drama.





I must say the cute and funny moments brought me giggles though out.

stillcut1 (1)


The action scenes were top class. But if you are not a fan of stunts..You could just skip those scenes 🙂

Another big plus point for the drama was the romance. The way Seo Jung Ho/Healer watched over his girl it self captured my heart. The love line was beautiful. On one hand there is Young Shin’s genuine love for Healer, whose identity she doesn’t know of, while on the other there is Seo Jung Ho-Healer who will do anything-as far as confessing to murder, to protect his girl.




As for the kissing scenes.. cute, romantic, dreamy!!

Of course, the actors…all the leads are major hotties.

Ji Chang Wook

Park Min Young Yoo Ji Tae

Ji Chang Wook is known for his ability to portray multiple personalities. Chang Wook:

B6l5sRoCAAEeygS ..as Park Bong So

sc1 ..as Healer

Healer smiling .. as Seo Jung Ho.

Ji Chang Wook’s performance in Healer has blown my mind. From the naive- Park Bong Soo, the Action Hero- Healer and the loving- Seo Jung Ho. He gets a 10/10.

If you are looking to watch a drama like no other. This is the pick.

Healer(힐러) definitely makes it to the ‘MUST WATCH’ list.

Watch Healer online @:
– myasiantv.com/drama/healer
– gooddrama.net/korean-drama/healer

Happy drama time!

Back From Hiatus(?)


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Long time no see. Can I even say this?

It’s been 3 years since my last post. Here was a girl who started writing about random life events(..well mostly K-pop). I really don’t know why I stopped posting, but I have come to realize that I should start blogging again.

Recently I seen some activity on old posts and my facebook page.. This kinda got me pumped up to get back to blogging.

Do support blog and look forward to some (hopefully) fun posts from me.


P.S. A peek at my old posts…well some are shabby..and shall be removed. (keke~)

Info regarding popular drama hosting sites, which have been taken down.


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#1 MySoju (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas)
MySoju is a Swedish drama hosting site which is officially down due to violation of copyrights.>>
It may work in a few countries and you can check, by copying this IP address(of mysoju.com) into the URL Bar of your browser :
OR you can follow their updates on facebook: www.facebook.com/mysojudramas

#2 KimchiDramas(Korean and Taiwanese Dramas)
“KimchiDramas.Net has been deleted due to copyright infringement.” >>
It has been SHIFTED to a NEW website,URL:http://www.mykimchidrama.net
Please visit KD here and make changes to your bookmarks.

Hope it helps…
Other good drama hosting websites you can check out:

~ iKimchi

빨리 빨리..My boring wait for episode 5 of Panda & Hedgehog 빨리 빨리


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It’s around 1pm (IST)..Done with lunch ..another 3 hours for Donghae Oppa’s drama, Panda and Hedgehog(episode 5)!! … I’ll just wait here, sipping my tea. . 빨리 빨리 Ppalli Palli !!. … Hurry up!! ^^

Unboxing : Sexy, Free & Single(Super Junior), Trouble Maker(Trouble Maker) , MAMA(Exo-K)


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[unboxing]Sexy Free & Single(,trouble maker, MAMA)!!

My sis & I just received Sexy, Free & Single along with Trouble Maker & MaMa!!
I’m not there to open em with her!!Eotteoke!!

[update]Right now..On skype with her while she unboxes ’em!!I so wanna get my hands on em all..( YET TO OPEN SFS..I wonder who’s photo card we got!!! )
[update] Sehun Photo Card !!! Meant to be I tell you..He’s my bias!!!
[update] We got the group pocket photo card for SFS!!!!! OMG!!!! YAHHH!!!!!
[pictures of all album contents will be posted in the next update!!]

I am craving for ….f(x) Victoria’s Tights!!!


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The members of f(x) made an appearance at the movie screening for ‘I AM: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden‘ to greet fans and viewers.

At the event, f(x)’s Victoria was seen wearing unique leggings that were patterned with adorable, Halloween characters. She’s not the only one whose leggings have caught the eyes of fans, however. Wonder Girls‘ Sohee has previously been noticed for tights she wore for a “Like This” performance as well.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the look?

Source & Photo: Sports Chosun via Nate

I don’t care how they look on me..Who cares. I just wanna keep ’em. They’re so so HOT!!!

KPOP in India


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Kpop is yet to become massive in my country,India.

Well. the good thing is it is progressing . .Someday soon we hope to have the opportunity to meet a Kpop star. Believe me. We are dyin to meet them!!

Today we learnt that BOA is in India. And mann! I feel so happy!! …Also, Miss A and Lee Hyori had been here a while ago too! BOA is my favorite female artist and my only wish is if I could have been in the city she visited. BoHOoo. I stay very far!! TT TT

Now, we’re praying Super Junior comes down for a visit. How I wish that would happen. There a so many Indian Elf and I hope our wish is fulfilled some day.Any way thats our story.
All those who atleast got to see all their favorite Kpop Stars.. I envy you!!!!! *sob**sob* TT TT Please pray for us to get a bit of Kpop too! ^_^

PS:Indian Kpoppers reading this can join the Indian Kpopper’s family: 1.http://www.facebook.com/groups/130325913719032/

2.https://www.facebook.com/KPopFansIndia( as suggested by: @luPeaches; Thank you for your response!)